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Installing “ThePub” April 7, 2011

phillip stanley-marbell
The install instructions provided at ThePub are very nice and concise. Here is a more elaborate description of what I had to do to get it running on FreeBSD. Install Apache Tomcat, Postgresql and JRE. I used JRE 6.0, Postgresql 8.4 and Tomcat6 On Freebsd, for the JRE, you need to manually download a number ... (read post)

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Gemüsehaken.org is my catchall for various projects I undertake or partake in. It is more a device for my personal use (documentation), than a platform for expression of my views. This is my Memex. The opinions expressed herein are mine only and do not reflect the views of my employer(s) or any organisations / treaties to which I belong or am signatory. The background images on these pages are pictures of my blackboard from the spring of 2005.
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… Dan zou ik de rattenkoning zijn. Was dat maar waar… (0)
Is it the straw that broke the camels back, the straw that the camel carried on its back, or the straw that the camel ate when it came back… from a pointless journey, guided by a self-centered hack?     (0)
Today’s menu: single-noodle noodle, with sauce. (0)
Alan Kay once said “people who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” I wholeheartedly agree. Further yet, I would add people who are really serious about hardware should also write their own software! I’ve been working with an embedded platform which I won’t name to protect the guilty, in which the JTAG pins on the processor are not connected! Not even to vias to aid debug! Nothing! Just the lowly serial bootloader. And it is not as though this is some commercial platform where they wanted to prevent reverse engineering (hey, you could blow the JTAG fuse to stop that)—it is an academic HW platform. (0)



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