Имейте сломленные крыла; летит.

Имейте сломленные крыла; летит.

Overal is er Signaal

Als je denkt dat er geen signaal is,

is er misschien één.

Als je denkt dat er één is,

zijn er misschien veel.

En wanneer je een beetje moet zeggen, makt je meer geruis


En als je moet veel zeggen mak je ook veel geruis

Daarom moet iedereen niet spraken.

This fence around your garden

From the Zen teachings of Huang Po (translated by John Blofeld)

Chün Chou Record, 17.

But if you try to eliminate environment without first putting a stop to conceptual thought, you will not succeed, but merely increase its power to disturb you.

Chün Chou Record, 21.

People are often hindered by environmental phenomena from perceiving Mind, and by individual events from perceiving underlying principles; so they often try to escape from environmental phenomena in order to still their minds, or to obscure events in order to retain their grasp of principles. They do not realize that this is merely to obscure phenomena with mind, events with principles. Just let your minds become void and environmental phenomena will void themselves; let principles cease to stir and events will cease stirring of themselves. Do not employ mind in this perverted way.


Dharma original Dharma not Dharma, not Dharma Dharma also Dharma, now transmit not Dharma Dharma, Dharma Dharma how-can be Dharma.

 steal compass, drive north, disappear...