Partial Functions

From “Recursive Functions of Symbolic Expressions and Their Computation by Machine, Part I”, John McCarthy, CACM, (3)4, April 1960:

A partial function is a function that is defined only on part of its domain. Partial functions necessarily arise when functions are defined by computations because for some values of the arguments the computation defining the value of the function may not terminate.

Separate Compilation vs. Independent Compilation

Separate Compilation is not Independent Compilation. I would not be stressing this if it were not for the fact that EAC implies they are the same (pp. 202, 251, more). Well, obviously I was not born knowing SC ≠ IC; I learn’t that from the Wirth School, via Klaus himself in Grundlagen und Techniken des Compilerbaus and from the collection of papers in The School of Niklaus Wirth: The Art of Simplicity.

In IC, the type information about the module interfaces is not kept around until link time. So yes, you implement using modules, and put together the modules at link time to get a binary, but perform no checking of the interfaces of the modules. SC on the other hand keeps the module type information around. When modules are put together or loaded, their interfaces signatures are checked.

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