Plan, 13th January 2003 January 13, 2003

It must be the most vain part of us that makes
us have things like .plan files, but, at the
same time, its a good thing to share. I think
communication should be called rareifucation,
because it ain’t so common, but ’tis a good
day when it occurs twixt a human and a hare.

I’ve been volunteering at the Mattress Factory Museum,
( since Dec 2002. It helps
get over depression.

I haven’t played guitar in a while. I got the Radiohead
“I might be wrong” live album, and tried playing “true
love waits”, but my fingers hurt. Maybe true love doesnt
really wait ? No. It does, but my fingers sure did hurt
and and put the guitar down.

I’ve been writing. I love writing. I write and then I
burn it.

Finishing work on the book, copyediting process is
such a pain. Trading PDFs with the editor in England.
It should go into print in a few weeks (Jan 2003).

Speaking of PDF, I’ve been intruiged by PDF for a while,
and I got hold of the “PDF Reference, third edition”,
book from Adobe, published by Addison-Wesley. I started
implementing a PDF reader for Inferno. Its lots of fun.
PDF is surprisingly clean. So now, I have fun brwosing
through the source of PDFs and thinking “Oh, theres an
indirect object! theres a stream!”. Sorry pathetic little

PDF is a bit weird; Take indirect objects which represent
stream lengths. Sure, having them occur after the stream
itself makes it easier to generate PDF, but when reading
in, those stream lengths are only useful if you first do
a pass to read in the non-stream indirect objects, and
then parse the whole file knowing the lengths of streams.
Of course, we could do it it one pass. My point is, they
are optimized (in this sense) for creation as opposed to

I might be be wrong;

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