Plan, 14th january, 2003 January 14, 2003

PDF : I have the lexer done, it was a bit ucky partly becase PDF
is a combination of ASCII strings and binary data. The
annoying part is gonna be doing the grammar, which is
easy, but I’ll have to read through most of the 1000page spec
to lay out all the valid syntactic forms.

Then there’s the filters: PDF manages to yield files so
much smaller than PS by compressing almost all internal
data structures, with a myriad of compressions schemes
– e.g. JBIG2 for images of text, zlib/Flate for e.g. text, JPEG
for images etc. So I’ll have to implement each of these.

Life: I relapsed again. Painful. I’d give anything to be
out of this pain. I need change, working at the MF helps
but maybe I need to move to Sweden after all. Or Norway.

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