Soup August 19, 2003

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, and realized
I hadn’t made, or even just simply had, soup, in ages.
So I rushed home, via the grocery store and made
this soup which turned out real swell:

A few spoons of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 large onion
3 tofu dogs (tofu hotdogs)
1 'handful' of fresh spinach leaves
1 'branch' of fresh basil leaves (from my home garden)
1 can diced tomatoes
2 potatoes
Spices (I used adobo lemon+garlic spices, which gave it a tangy taste)

* puree the onion with olive oil
* sautee tofu dogs (diced) with 1-3 spoonfuls of pureed onion, spices
* puree spinach leaves w/ ~ 1 Litre of water
* when tofu dogs begin to crisp (lightly), add pureed spinach
* Add potatoes, diced
* Add diced tomatoes
* Add water for appropriate consistency

Bring to a boil

* After ~5 minutes of boiling, some of the diced tomatoes will be on
the surface
* Scoop as many diced tomatoes from surface as you can, and puree them
* Add the pureed, cooked tomatoes back into the soup

* Let boil until oil begins to come to surface
* Add basil leaves, whole or just slightly shredded
* Simmer until soup seems cooked

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