Spinach pies September 1, 2003

I made pies yesterday:

4oz Olive oil
1/2 lb Soy Garden Vegetable spread
2 1/2 lb Flour
5 fl oz Soy milk
5 fl oz water
1 tsp Salt

1 can Spinach
1/2 Onion
4 patties Ives vegetarian breakfast patties
(soy/seitan patties)
? Hummus (used 2 Sheiks Hummus w/ red bell peppers)
? Spices, fresh basil leaves.

Makes about 15 pies.

Put olive oil in a pan, add the veg. spread, place on
lowest heat setting possible on stove. Veg spread melts.
Add water, salt, soy milk. Sift in the flour. This will take some
time and effort. I think the best way is to just throw all the
flour in (yay!) and just keep stirring till its all unstirrable, then
knead with your fist. Knead until its even in consistency.

Grab chunks of the dough, in sizes of about a golf ball, and
roll them flat. Don’t have a rolling pin ? You can just flatten
them by hand. Make them into nice flat circles or ellipses,
placing the circles on a large sheet of aluminum foil.

Now, make the filling. Cut up the onions, and sautee (on
low heat) with some olive oil until the tips of the onions begin
to brown. Turn the heat up high, and add one can of spinach.
I used Delmonte spinach. You’ll want to drain the spinach from
the can a bit, but no need to get rid of all the water. Sautee the
spinach and onions, add spices, salt, basil leaves.

Divvy up the filling over all the flattened pastry, using about
1 tablespoon per circle. Add a dollop of hummus to each
if you want to.

Moisten the edge of each circle with water, and fold over
to for a semicircular pie. Press down on the edge of
the pie to promote bonding between the layers. You might
want to brush the surface of each finished pie with a
mixture of soy milk and olive oil.

Bake in over at gas mark 400 for 30 – 40 mins, or until
the edges of the pies are nice and brown, and the tops
are also a bit brown.

make clean all install;

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