Our plants have lost faith March 26, 2006

We invite other kids to play in the sand, yet hide all the sand because we are afraid they’ll take some grains back home with them. We fashion ourselves as gardeners, yet rather than nurturing our tomatoes in the same soil and sunlight, we build wooden tubes to place around the seedlings, that they shall not, God forbid, benefit from each other, that there mightn’t exist entities other than ourselves benefiting from them. All the while, though fashioning ourselves as tillers of the earth, we care not a farthing about tilling, let alone earth. We fashion ourselves as we do because it is fashionable; because it looks good; because it lines our pockets. Gardeners line their pockets with soil, fill the corners of their fingers with dirt.

It used to be that we would plant our plants and let them grow. Now, we pull them out of the ground each day, and interrogate their roots as to their slow growth. We pull our plants out of the soil and send them to do our bidding: to go to the market to buy sodding fertilizer; to put up posters and call up the local newspaper and announce their own sale at a local market. With all these interruptions we wonder why it is they grow so little, and we chide them that they look not like the horti-*******-culturalists that we want them to be, forgetting that they are plants, and not the former. Our plants have lost faith in us. This is not surprising, since our actions mostly serve to impede their growth. We have gone from having sisu to being nebech. From trachten to midlessly wandering in the mohave, planting mangrove seedlings with stochastos.

Do we expect to yield an Arbre du Ténéré by our wandering in the desert ? We certainly aren’t nurturing a Bartek by constantly uprooting our fledgeling seedlings. “Oh, wait a second, tomatoes were not popular in the market last week, so I’ll graft an eggplant shoot onto you; hold still”. We’ve got some chutzpah (and in the true meaning of the word at that), to be playing gardener when we can’t tell a leaf from a root. These seedlings are seedlings of the tree that owns itself.

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