An open and never ending letter to Richard April 5, 2006

You called yesterday and left me a message which has been the cause of much consternation. Yes, it was a simple question that was posed, but nonetheless not evocative of a simple reaction, though the response is simple. What did you think would happen ? I’d audition the message and thence head to bed ? This is the question, Richard, the question. How funny the message was: “Hey pip, it’s Richard. Just called to drop a note and say hello, and ask you a favor: I have this question that’s been nagging me for a bit: coorperate or defect. Cheers, Richard.”. Yeah, nagging you for a bit I bet. Nagging you it is, I bet. Coorperate or defect! That’s what you spend pretty penny and fat pocket on for telecommunication charges dispensed, to ask me about ? Of course you should defect! Are you kidding me ? De-*-fect! When was the last time you looked in a mirror Richard ? Noticing the cursed mole no more are you ? You are the mole and are judged by it, let no mistake be made. Coorperation is not for the cursed like you, for you are shunned. Alf and Bert may have failed in their attempts to axiomatize the other, and Johnny yet another too, but Ford axiomatized human worth, and thee-with-moles are in it as worthless. Coorperate ? Defect! Defect and out-innovate, because thee-with-moles are defined as inferior, and Kurt is being ignored.

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