Copy, Fat. July 31, 2006

No thanks. I’m on Jenny Craig.

Many in the sciences spend a reasonable amount of time writing, to disseminate their ideas, or simply to gather their thoughts. You, dear reader, might be one of them. When was the last time you read Strunk & White ? Is your copy of the Chicago Manual of Style dog-eared and marked-up ? Are you fond of its cloth jacket color ?

The answers you furnish may be quite telling. I believe that, more often, we are exposed to bad style, bad grammar and poor taste. Without a style compass, the ride to a state of abundant abominations in writing, might be a smooth one. Incompetence breeds incompetence. I believe exposure to incompetence leads to “incompetence fat”: it creeps up on you without your noticing, is easy to put on, hard to lose.

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    where are you?

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